Top 13 Coins Set to Skyrocket in June 2022


The crypto industry suffered a severe crash in November 2021 and price declines continued into 2022. Now that the summer of this year is upon us, many are hoping to see a new rally that will restore value previous digital coins. , and potentially bring many coins and tokens to new heights.

We have created a list of the top 13 cryptos that could take advantage of this opportunity to skyrocket, starting in June. These include the following:


Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that needs no introduction. As the market leader and the largest coin in the crypto space, it controls nearly half of the total crypto market capitalization. Many rallies in the past have happened because the price of Bitcoin started to skyrocket.

Given that Bitcoin has been adopted by two countries in the last eight months and institutional investors are still very interested in it, it is possible that the coin will lead to another rally this summer. There are no guarantees, of course, but we suggest you keep an eye on its performance.

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2. BNB

Next, we have Binance’s native cryptocurrency, BNB (BNB), formerly Binance Coin. BNB has a good chance of increasing for several reasons, including the fact that it has no shortage of use cases. Binance, for example, is the largest exchange by trading volume. It features two blockchains, one of which is its own version of Ethereum, but much more scalable and cheaper to use.

BNB is used on both, as well as to buy new crypto on Binance Launchpad, as well as get gas fee discounts, reach smaller coins within the exchange, and more. In addition, the exchange regularly burns it to reduce the total supply, which will eventually be reduced by half.

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3. Solana

In third place we have Solana – the crypto community’s favorite alternative to Ethereum. Thanks to Ethereum’s inability to scale, high gas fees and long wait times, the crypto community has created a new blockchain that will be much more efficient and useful for DeFi, NFT, metaverse, blockchain gaming, etc

The result is Solana, which has garnered a lot of attention as the most scalable blockchain in the industry, which only starts to run into trouble when it scales up to 400,000 TPS. It is quite comfortable with 100,000 TPS, while Ethereum, in comparison, can only manage 15 TPS. When the rally arrives, we expect Solana to attract a large number of new users.

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4. Earth

Terra (LUNA) is a blockchain protocol that relies on fiat stablecoins to power price-stable global payment systems. It combines price stability and wide adoption of fiat with the censorship resistance of the crypto industry to create a product that is the best of both worlds.

Meanwhile, the project’s ecosystem is powered by LUNA, and everything in it requires the token to be used, which is why LUNA has seen usage increase as interest in Terra’s ecosystem grows. was increasing.

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5. Peas

For our fifth place, we selected Polkadot. Like Solana, Polkadot has also been a popular alternative to Ethereum and has managed to create an ecosystem that can easily scale through its parachains. These are parallel chains that run alongside the mainchain and form a network responsible for handling the extra work so that the mainnet does not suffer the same fate as Ethereum.

While already of great value, these parachains can also connect to other blockchains and become bridges between Polkadot and these other chains, creating a larger ecosystem that could help shape Web 3.0.

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6. ApeCoin

Then we have ApeCoin, which is an Ethereum-based utility token primarily used in the APE ecosystem as a governance token. Its purpose is simple: to empower the community and provide incentives for those who wish to participate in ecosystem management and important decision-making.

The project is built on the cutting edge of Web3, and many see it as one of the tokens of the future. It’s done pretty well so far and we expect that to continue down the road.

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In the middle of the list we have Tezos, which is a network based on smart contracts. As such, it doesn’t differ much from Ethereum, but it does have a more advanced infrastructure, which allows it to scale and improve, but unlike ETH, it does so without the need for perform a hard fork.

Hard forks have always carried a certain amount of risk with them, and in many cases when a project forks, two emerge from the event. Tezos eliminates that with its unique architecture, and its developers describe it as “secure, scalable, and built to last.”

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8. Klaytn

Then we have Klaytn, which is a public blockchain that focuses on the metaverse, GameFi, and the creator economy, in general. The project is actually the leading platform in South Korea, and right now it is experiencing global business expansion.

It includes an end-to-end metaverse development package, one-second deterministic finality, data guarantee, Ethereum equivalence support, a unique governance structure, and much more. With the Metaverse and GameFi being major trends today, it’s easy to see why there’s a lot of interest in this project, and it’s quite possible it could become quite big in the coming months.

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9. Axie Infinity

In ninth place we have Axie Infinity. This is a well-known project that is currently the biggest metaverse game in the crypto industry. It is a game where players buy digital creatures called Axies and then are free to roam its digital world, meet others, engage in battle, strengthen their Axies by adding new parts to them of the body, and even to raise them to create new ones.

Each Axie is its own NFT, so players who own an Axie are its sole owners, and they know their creature is and always will be unique.

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10. Ghost

Fantom is a DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) smart contract platform that offers DeFi services to developers who want to use its consensus algorithm. Over time, Fantom has become one of the go-to platforms for smart contracts, again specializing in something Ethereum struggles with due to its lack of scalability.

Its goal is to overcome the limitations of previous blockchains, and so far it has done a great job. It’s efficient, inexpensive, and fast, and since dApps are something that will probably never go out of style, it has a good chance of surviving in the blockchain world for the long haul.

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11. Kyber Network

Moving up to 11th on our list, we have Kyber Network, which is a liquidity protocol hub that aggregates liquidity from many sources. As a result, it can provide secure and instant transactions on any dApp. Its main objective is to allow DeFi dApps, DEXs and other users to easily access liquidity pools, thus allowing them to offer the best rates.

All of its transactions are done on-chain, and as such, they are easy to verify with any Ethereum block explorer. Additionally, it offers services like instant token settlement, customizable trading models, liquidity aggregation, and more.

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12. Bitcoin Gold

Bitcoin Gold is a fork of Bitcoin that emerged in 2017, and it has become a user-friendly alternative to Bitcoin. Over time, its popularity has risen and fallen, but these days, the project seems to have started a big comeback. As of this writing, its price has seen a 45% increase in the last 24 hours alone, indicating high interest. Additionally, unlike Bitcoin itself, it is currently extremely inexpensive, with its current price being $28.12.

The project uses a combination of the original inherent properties of Bitcoin and an innovative approach to blockchain development and applications. He wants to revolutionize the mining process and introduce a new PoW algorithm that would eliminate Bitcoin’s scalability issues.

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13. Dogecoins

Finally, we have Dogecoin, the last on our list. Dogecoin is a memecoin – the first of the memecoins – and while even its own developers expected it to die out long ago, the project managed to survive nearly an entire decade, always staying close to the cryptos better ranked.

In 2021, it saw a massive surge fueled by its community and Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, SpaceX and The Boring Company. Interestingly, Musk recently decided to buy Twitter, and while that process is currently on hold for some reason, it’s possible that Musk will eventually do so. Being one of DOGE’s biggest fans and supporters, and owner of Twitter, Musk could still play a major role in the future of Dogecoin that could take the coin to new heights.

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As always, we cannot guarantee that the rally will indeed happen, nor that these cryptocurrencies will explode this summer. However, many experts believe that something like this could happen very soon, and if so, you should prepare for it. For now, you can either take a chance and invest, or at least keep an eye out for these coins, just in case.


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