Top NFL Coaches Head For $ 25 Million



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You prefer to pay Jared goff $ 33.5 million a year, or would you rather pay the best coach in the NFL $ 25 million a year?

Even though it is believed that no coach currently makes $ 25 million a year in the NFL, the market is expected to hit that threshold soon.

According to a source with direct knowledge of the dynamics of compensation paid to NFL coaches, over the next two years, the best coaches in the NFL will indeed earn $ 25 million per year.

Currently, at least three coaches earn more than $ 15 million a year, with Patriots coach Bill Belichick reportedly in the lead. It is already thought to be north of $ 20 million.

The full extent of coach pay is not widely known, as many teams have used related companies to funnel extra money to top coaches. As there is no salary cap, no internal rules are broken. The practice would only become relevant if, for example, rookie coaches tried to argue in court that the 32 separate companies that make up the NFL agree to maintain the salaries paid to head coaches.

Which they most likely did. While it is virtually impossible to create an accurate estimate of the growth in coach compensation over the past 50 years and the increase in player salaries, it is quite possible, if not very likely, that player compensation has multiplied at a much higher rate, even with a salary cap. For players, the wage floor has become the rising tide that has lifted all boats. For coaches, the absence of a maximum has probably hurt more than the absence of a maximum has done good.

It will be great for the best coaches in the NFL to get $ 25 million a year. A good coach means a lot more to an NFL franchise than a good player, and a lot of good players have made a lot more money than great coaches.

So, as the salaries of top college coaches soar publicly, the salaries of top NFL coaches will continue to climb quietly – even if they still don’t rise as they should.



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