Tweed urged to hit 160 target this summer


As the weather warms up, the Council reminds everyone in the Tweed to save water and hit Target 160.

Anthony Burnham, director of water and wastewater operations and assets, said that even where there are no water restrictions it is important that all residents and holidaymakers only use 160 liters of water per person per day.

“Tap water supplies are limited and 2 factors make it more important than ever for all of us to save water at all times,” Mr Burnham said.

“Another 15,000 people are expected to move to Tweed by 2041 and climate change is making rainfall in our area more uncertain.

“While the planned Clarrie Hall Dam upgrade will help secure our water supply, we all have a shared responsibility to save water and the environment.

“The single most cost-effective action we can take as a community is to reduce our water usage.”

Mr Burnham said everyone in the Tweed typically uses around 200 liters of water per person per day. This year, thanks to La Nina and persistent wet weather, water usage has slowly declined, with residents reaching the Council’s 160 target in recent months.

However, water consumption over the past 7 days has increased as the weather warms to 162 liters per person per day.

“You may have neglected to water the lawn; you may have reduced your showers to 4 minutes; or maybe you mulched your garden beds and didn’t need to water as much,’ Mr Burnham said.

“Whatever you do, keep saving water throughout our summer months in particular. This is when our water consumption skyrockets every year.

“Thank you to everyone in the Tweed for hitting the 160 target over the past few weeks. When we each save a little, we all save a lot.

Go to to see if you are meeting the target and for tips on how to save water indoors and outdoors.

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