Vita Mobile Systems (VMSI) soars after acquisition of artificial intelligence company


What’s going on with VMSI?

Shares of Vita Mobile Systems, Inc. (VMSI) surged today after the company announced the acquisition of My2Tum as part of a share swap deal. My2Tum is an artificial intelligence (AI) technology that allows users to find up-to-date health and safety information by location, complementing VMSI’s geolocation-based social application platforms.

VMSI is a technology company focused on digital imaging in mobile devices, big data collection and management, and the development of artificial intelligence. Shares of Vita Mobile rose 52.27% to $ 0.0067 on Thursday at 11:05 am.

What does this mean for Vita Mobile?

The addition of My2Tum and its proprietary software will be a huge boost for Vita Mobile, mainly thanks to the company’s geolocation software which matches VMSI’s goal of providing the most accurate location information to users and to third parties. The company revealed that there will be strategic management changes when integrating My2Tum into VMSI.

“The importance of this acquisition is immense, and the launch of My2Tum is a big step forward for VMSI”, declared Sean Guerrero, CEO of Vita Mobile Systems.

“The pandemic has made it clear that accurate and timely health and safety information for locations around the world is crucial for business and personal needs. For example, companies could leverage this data to better support their employees and deliver to their customers, and individuals could travel anywhere in the world with the confidence and confidence to make their trip a success.

The company has announced that it will launch its first My2Tum product in the fall of 2021.


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