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A possible rebirth of the famous Dodo bird, an accidental cremation that sparked a lawsuit, and a disturbing evacuation during a ghost tour were among the strange, unusual and illuminating stories that crossed our desk this week.

Ghostly activities and haunted places have been hot topics over the past week with several stories featuring spooky spirits and the places where they are said to dwell. A woman in England lamented that after moving in with her boyfriend, she began to be harassed by an apparition who was in love with him. A ghost tour at the infamous Waverly Hills Sanatorium had to be cut short due to a tornado warning that necessitated guests take shelter in the “body fall” of the site. Meanwhile, an equally haunted hospital for sale in Minnesota and a paranormal researcher in the UK have warned that an apparent decrease in ghost sightings seems to suggest that spirits can “go out” because their energy is depleted over time.

Extinct creatures made headlines last week via two very different discoveries. First, work at a construction site in Iowa came to a screeching halt when it was found that a woolly mammoth tooth had been unearthed during an excavation. The discovery was particularly fortuitous because the engineer overseeing the project had a lifelong interest in dinosaurs and ancient creatures, which led him to recognize the massive molar before it crumbled to dust. Later that week, a leading evolutionary biologist announced that researchers had discovered a lost dodo bird specimen that provided a fantastic DNA sample that allowed them to map the genome of the long-extinct animal.

One of the strangest lawsuits we’ve seen in some time made headlines this week through a very bizarre legal dispute between an Arkansas funeral home and a family who enlisted them for bury their loved one. According to the lawsuit, Harold Lee’s last wishes were to be buried alongside his late parents in a cemetery and he insisted that he not be cremated because he believed he should be taken to heaven during the removal. Alas, an accident at the funeral home meant that those wishes were dashed as his remains were cremated by accident. As one can imagine, it didn’t go too well with his family, leading to the lawsuit for unspecified damages caused by the traumatic turn of events.

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