What Reba McEntire fans may not know about the star


Reba McEntire was, says Biography, born in Oklahoma into a rodeo-loving family that specialized in steer-roping. Much of his childhood revolved around rodeo and a close-knit family that just sang along on long car rides.

When her father passed away in 2014, the news was picked up by outlets like the Associated Press and Billboard. McEntire tweeted that he had been ill for several years: “It just makes sense to me, he always told us kids never to drive your horse to the barn. He was just taking his time getting home. the House.” McEntire then released a video for his song “Just Like Them Horses”, as a tribute to his father. The video, Rolling Stone says, was the song she sang at his funeral, was filmed on family land in Oklahoma and featured McEntire’s mother, Jacqueline.

McEntire credited her mother with keeping the family together, and in 2020 she announced that her mother had also died after being diagnosed with cancer. A few months later, she spoke with “Today” about how she planned her mother’s funeral when the COVID quarantine rules began. “It was a real blessing, really. I was able to stay there at mum’s house and…rummaging through drawers and boxes, and I found pictures that we had never seen before, and we got we cried, we laughed, we toasted mom. It was just an absolute huge blessing to be able to do this.”


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