What spooky predictions will come true on Halloween Horror Nights 30?


While the summer heat hasn’t gone away, the Halloween Horror Nights 30 countdown has a few people starting to sleep with the lights on. With two more recent house reveals, everyone is wondering what sinister secrets Universal Orlando has in store to terrify its guests.

While Halloween Horror Nights 30 is just over a month away, the final list of haunted houses and spooky areas has yet to be finalized. Although many amusement park fans love to speculate on the possibilities, empty places are fewer and fewer. What other tips might be on the way?

While The Haunting of Hill House announcement was the huge announcement for HHN30, Universal Orlando has sneaked in two other announcements recently. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre house is part of the program.

After making an appearance in 2016, it looks like Leatherface is back. This announcement seems to add that touch of nostalgia to the event. While not a classic universal monster, this character and genre of horror has plenty of possibilities. And, for anyone who remembers the chainsaw-wielding clowns of years gone by, there’s nothing more terrifying than that chainsaw sound to make you scream and jump.

When news of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre came to light, Universal Orlando also confirmed that Frankenstein’s fiancée would be raised again. A similar house was opened last year during the limited Halloween event. It’s unclear if the Haunted House has been completely redesigned or if aspects of the previous offering have remained intact. Either way, this classic Universal Monsters offering will be a must-have.

Other confirmations have been shared previously. Beetlejuice is going to be a star house. Since a preview was only offered for three days last year, many people will have this offer as their first choice.

Additionally, in 2020 Puppet Theater: Captive Audience has been confirmed. Everyone knows that puppets are more than scary. This one can give you nightmares for months after a visit. Moreover, it is presumed that the Tooth Fairy’s revenge will return. This sweet fairy tale has a very twisted interpretation.

Since this year’s event represents 30 years, there is a strong belief that the HHN icons will be featured in a home. Everyone knows Jack is back, but what other menacing characters will join him. From Chance to The Undertaker, there are plenty of characters who could be lurking in these twisted alleys.

Although much thought has been given to houses, fear areas are often the most entertaining areas for guests. While creepy actors are always ready to blow people up, the reality is these areas are the best for people watching.

Since fear zones invite people to linger (if they choose), details and storylines are central to the entire Halloween Horror Night 30 experience. Most likely, there will be a blink of an eye. at the 30th anniversary.

In addition to this concept, some people believe that Shudder, the horror streaming network, will be included in one way or another. This idea would make a lot of people extremely excited.

Finally, expect an original concept. Similar to the Vikings story that was well received in 2019, the Media Center area is still perfect for a fully immersive experience.

Halloween Horror Nights 30 opens on September 3 and takes place on select nights. This is a separate ticket event.

What do you want to see at this year’s Universal event? Have you already purchased your tickets?

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