What we can learn from Billie Eilish’s birth card



In 2016, when Billie Eilish was just 14, she released her stunning single “Ocean Eyes” on SoundCloud, and it didn’t take long for Billie to become a major player in the music industry. Since then, Billie has completely redefined cross-genres with her signature ballads and raw, emotional lyrics, and she has the praise behind her to prove it. The interpreter of “Therefore I Am” brought home over half a dozen Grammys, while garnering a loyal fan base. While Billie may seem very open with her deep and honest words, there are so many layers to Sagittarius. If you’re curious about what the cosmos is saying about Billie Eilish, we’ve got you covered. POPSUGAR spoke with CUSP astrologer, Isaiah Alpheratz, aka The Elysian Aquarius, for Billie’s natal-themed celestial scoop.

The big three

Looking at your birth chart, also known as a birth chart, is a good way to understand yourself and others on a heavenly level. You can recognize your big three, or your sun, moon and ascending signs from astrology apps or your favorite TikTok Astrologer. These placements refer to your outward personality, emotional reactions, and social identity.

Sun in Sagittarius

The most understood placement in your birth chart is your sun sign. It indicates your basic or outward personality, traits that you are easily recognized as having. Your sun sign can manifest in your values ​​and what you feel is your most authentic self. Billie is a Sagittarius sun, and these sun signs are fiery, ambitious, and adventurous. “It’s no surprise that Billie took over the music industry so easily,” Alpheratz told POPSUGAR.

Alpheratz adds that the Sags are generally bold and imaginative, which you can clearly see in Billie’s clips. “Create controversy with how she presents her body as bruised and bloodied in” Villain “, or feed an arachnophobe worst nightmare with its waterfall in the ‘you should see me in a crown,’ Musical clip. Billie has been defined as an “anti-pop” star, bringing a darker side to pop that we haven’t seen in a long time. “

Rising fish

The way we assert ourselves, especially in social settings, is often manifested in our ascending or ascending signs. Billie is of a Pisces ancestry, which Alpheratz says might be the most surprising thing about Billie’s theme. “It’s the rarest rising sign in your birth chart and it denotes its elusiveness,” says Alpheratz. Pisces is all about the spiritual and the metaphysical – they have a reputation for being dreamy and always having their heads in the clouds. You can see this elusive, supernatural aesthetic depicted in Billie’s dark album covers.

“Pisces ascendants are known to have an undeniable magnetism and wisdom beyond what everyone expects, which is clear through Billie’s actions and music,” says Alpheratz. Bringing art to life, the energy of Pisces is creative and poetic, and Billie continues to develop her creativity with the help of her brother, Finneas, to provide the world with haunting and immobilizing music that leaves the listener in. ask again. “

Moon in Aquarius

Our lunar placements represent our inner selves and symbolize how we process and convey our emotions as well as the emotions of others. It’s a super private planet, so unless you’re very united with someone, it can be hard to tell what someone’s moon sign is at first. Billie’s moon sign is located in the unconventional sign of Aquarius. As a moon sign, this can be a very deep and complicated placement, as Aquarians are viewed as weirdos, leaving them to feel rather alienated from others. From her clothes to her music, Billie is a true rebel, one of the most distinguished traits of an Aquarius. The fact that she is been painted like the anti-pop star is the reflection of his moon Aquarius.

You can also see Billie’s Aquarius moon appear in her very deep, lifelike, existential lyrics. “Billie’s lyrics turned out older than her years, addressing mental health themes like depression and anxiety. A big key to her Aquarius Moon are feelings of loneliness,” says Alpheratz. Being able to write honestly about complex and nuanced topics shows how forward-thinking she is in drawing attention to real mental health issues.

“Billie’s Moon is also connected to Neptune, which gives the star a very intuitive perspective and the ability to see through the facade of positivity that most pop stars try to emulate. It’s not just Billie. actively promotes such topics, simply acknowledging that they are real, ”adds Alpheratz.

Personal planets

Besides your big three, your birth chart contains other planets which each represent a different part of life. These include your Mercury, Mars, and Venus and refer to your communication style, personal aesthetic, and level of ambition.

Mercury in Capricorn

In astrology, Mercury is about communication and the mind. Billie’s Mercury sign is placed in the practical earth sign, Capricorn, and you can see it portrayed in her songwriting. “This Mercury placement is convenient and easily handles the difficult aspects of life, which Billie painlessly portrays in her music,” says Alpheratz. Capricorn is ruled by the shrewd and disciplined planet of Saturn, which may explain why his words tend to be quite dark. “His Mercury placements help us understand the astrology of his voice and sound. As someone praised with a dark low register and a soft falsetto, his voice has an almost classic, soulful quality that hums over his unique production, ”they add.

Mars in Pisces

Mars stands for everything about aggression, determination, and passion. Billie’s Mars orbiting the sensitive and deeply intuitive sign of Pisces. These placements can get spooky and magical as they are ruled by the dreamer Neptune. Since this placement can be manifested in our outward aggressiveness and the way we express our passion, according to Alpheratz, we can learn a lot about Billie’s presentation and aesthetics through her placement on Mars.

“Billie’s sign on Mars signifies her motivation, and in such a position, it shows her commitment to her music and the plans it spins out for the world to engage in,” says Alpheratz. “Think of the images of Billie in her videos, where she incorporates a sharp aesthetic like needles in ‘Bury a Friend’ or black blood dripping from her eyes.”

Venus in Sagittarius

When it comes to fashion choices and exterior aesthetics, Venus is the planet to turn to. This placement also represents our relationships, love and romance. Billie is a Venus Sagittarius, which is also her sun sign. As a sign of Venus, Sagittarians are super adventurous, straightforward, and aren’t afraid to take on a challenge. “As Venus represents what we attract, it is her aesthetic and her approach that receives the greatest attention and criticism from the world around her. Billie seems to own it and takes it in her stride, visibly pushing the boundaries of what she is. should be its image, ”explains Alpheratz. This makes sense when you consider the lyrics to “Not My Responsibility” and “OverHeated” from her album, Happier Than Ever. Billie has always been straightforward and open about the pressure on women and their bodies, and a true Sagittarius is loaded enough to talk about it.

“No one can keep a fiery Venus, and Billie is always stunning with her fashion and clothes, whether it’s Marilyn-inspired dresses at the 2021 Met Gala or neon-glowing outfits like her. The Louis Vuitton ensemble at the Spotify Best New Artist Awards“, explains Alpheratz.

The “Happier Than Ever” singer is honest and genuine and isn’t afraid to explore the deep and frightening trenches of the human being. With all the fire sizzling in Billie’s birth chart, it’s no wonder she’s garnered public attention for so long. Her heartfelt storytelling and resolute ambition will keep us rooted for her.



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