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Unless of course you haven’t been born yet, many of us can remember the very first time the world saw the three Simpson children sitting in their treehouse on Halloween, telling each other spooky stories. Even if you weren’t able to attend the premiere, you still know which Hut of Horror we are talking about it !

We saw the family living in a house among walls that were bleeding like a flayed human arm, and then the house chose to destroy itself rather than live with the Simpsons. (Come on, they weren’t that bad!)

The family were able to dine inside an alien spaceship only to have Lisa scared off by a book titled, How to cook humans. And Lisa read Bart’s infamous poem Crow voiced by James Earl Jones, telling the story of a grieving man who loses his battle against a crow. Since this fall 1990, The simpsons give us their Halloween specials every year, showing the family a satirical and humorous adventure.

2020 alone is probably enough to inspire a few Hut of Horror episodes. But it’s always fun to see what satirical comedy has in store for people and it’s that time of year again! It’s the cold season, warm sweaters and cozy fires at home. Don’t forget the apple cider, horror movies, and Halloween candy!

Hut of Horror

You will want to add the last The Simpsons Halloween special on your watch list. We have the latest details which include exactly when you can have your Hut of Horror night but for now, let’s take a look at some fantastic memories. We will take you back to some of The simpsons‘best Halloween specials!

The Devil and Homer Simpson

One of the best Halloween specials coming from the family should be The Devil and Homer Simpson. When Homer woke up from a daydream, he was planning to experience the sweetness of his favorite snack – a donut. But they were all gone, even his emergency hiding place was nowhere to be found, leading him to make a pact with the devil. (Hey, that was her favorite dessert!)

We were counting on Homer who owed his soul to the devil, but the love of his life already had it for her. How many horror series have ended in romance?

Hut of Horror VII

This Halloween special tackled the weird cult horror movie Cart Case in the first segment of the episode, The thing and me. The children discovered that Bart had a Siamese twin brother living in the attic. Things only get more horrible from there. Lisa created a whole new world with her missing tooth. Meanwhile, the alien couple Kodos & Kang plotted to conquer Earth by infiltrating the American political system.


This year we will see The simpsons living in a squalid basement apartment, but they try to change their situation after Bart is hired as a guardian by wealthy Rainier Wolfcastle. Everyone, even Maggie gets a job. But when Wolfcastle goes on vacation, the Simpsons throw a party in the mansion, they discover that others are secretly living there in the house too.

Other stories in the last Hut of Horror include a twist on disney Bambi (just more horrible). Fans should pay attention to references that fall into the categories of Little shop of horrors, The Wizard of Oz, and guardians of the galaxy.

A Vincent Price voice will read the children’s book, Witness Bart while the Edward Gorey-style animation illustrates the story, Poetic interlude. The kids of Springfield Elementary will find that anyone who watches a certain TikTok video will die in seven days.


The Oscar winner Parasite becomes the classic The simpsons Special Halloween treatment in the season 33 edition. Horror Shack XXXII airs October 10, 2021 at 8 p.m. on Fox.


I can not wait to The simpsons Halloween special? Tell us your favorites!


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