“Where’s Lisa solo?” Blackpink fans slam YG Entertainment for not promoting a K-pop singer


Blackpink celebrated its 5th anniversary in the K-pop industry on August 8th and fans were thrilled with everything that was prepared for Blinks by the members of Blackpink as well as their agency, YG Entertainment. But along with that, fans crave more music from the band alongside other promotional activities.

Blackpink as a group dominated the K-pop industry being one of the most popular girl groups. During his entire career, Blackpink has released 10 singles, four single albums, three mini albums, and only two full studio albums. Their most recent studio album was called “The Album” which was released on October 2, 2020.


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Blackpink members’ solo projects

Despite being a four-member group, Blinks only saw two solo companies. Jennie was the first member of Blackpink to have a solo album titled “Solo” in November 2018. On August 9, Jennie made the trending on Twitter after becoming the first female K-pop artist to have the most views. (700 million) on the music video for her title track, ‘Solo’.

After going into radio silence regarding the solo activities of the other three Blackpink members, YG Entertainment announced their second solo adventure with Rose. Rose released a single album titled “R” with two singles, “On the Ground” and “Gone” in March 2021. The first was an overnight success when it reached No. Billboard, Billboard Global 200 and Billboard Global Excl US. She has also been featured on the iTunes Top Song Chart in 51 countries with her solo title track “On The Ground”, while having 100 million streams on Spotify and establishing a new milestone as a Korean solo artist.

Lisa’s solo project updates are cryptic

The next member to be reported as having a solo outing is Lisa. Lisa may have given fans a glimpse while making some new music. In July this year, Lisa uploaded two images to her Instagram story, raising suspicion about her solo activities. The second story of the two she posted was the sound wave image showing music being worked on with the caption “What’s my name?”, Possibly alluding to the song’s title.

Earlier last month, YG Entertainment confirmed Lisa will be making her solo debut this summer in her statement to South Korean media. YG has also confirmed that she will be shooting a music video this week in July, which is due out in the coming weeks. French producer DJ Snake also tweeted in May for collaborating with Lisa on a new song and said the track was over. The thread of tweets is now deleted, which adds to the uncertainty of its next outings.

Fans want more updates from YG

Fans have spoken repeatedly about the mistreatment of Blackpink members by their agency, where they have complained that artists are not being used to their potential as singers, rappers and music producers, but have them. used as lucrative assets for the company. Jisoo is said to be last in the group’s solo activities without any update or mention of his solo music business. Blinks questioned the agency, tagging them in tweets that contained the exact words, “WHERE IS LISA SOLO” by featuring her on Twitter in the music section. Another Blink asked YG Entertainment and said, “Did YG just realize that BP is so successful? As we know the bp records but now we want Ls1. WHERE IS LISA SOLO? Another blink asked YG, “YG HATE YOU LISA?” Where’s Lisa Solo? While others asked for more updates like teasers.

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