White Boy and the Average Rat Band are thrilled to announce the upcoming release of their hard rock song and video “Holy Cow”.


Self-proclaimed kings of the underground music scene WHITE BOY AND THE AVERAGE RAT BAND, the dynamic rock band founded by Mike Matney, are delighted to announce the upcoming release of their new single and video “Holy Cow”.


Their comeback single, which will be released on February 3, 2022, came to life amid the pandemic and the country’s social and political unrest. The message of the song and the content of the group’s video address these questions in an artistic way while emphasizing spirituality.

Going back is a melting pot this group knows all too well and has already overcome. It has now been almost two years since their last tour was canceled due to the tribulations we all faced. Yet two years is nothing compared to the more than forty years of anonymity since the release of their self-titled debut album in 1980. A debut that is now highly collectible, seeing original copies reach prices of 1,000.00 $ and more on the secondary market. This has led over the years to several counterfeit pressings appearing on the black market.

In 2017, WHITE BOY AND THE AVERAGE RAT BAND signed a deal with Heaven and Hell Records for a reissue of their debut album. The release re-introduced the band to old fans as well as new ones, while discovering an underground cult following that had been waiting for the band’s return to the rock world. Nearly four decades after the band’s 2019 debut, the label will also release the band’s second effort, “Love My Ride.”

After touring twice nationally, the band were gearing up for what would have been their biggest live effort yet when the pandemic hit.

Direct from Matney:

“Being stuck on the farm and spending time in my home studio was not necessarily a bad thing for me. However, I could not have foreseen the devastating personal loss of my mother. That loss, combined with the bombardment of images on the nightly news of the pandemic, rioting in the streets, chaos and political unrest forced me to do some real soul-searching Raised a Southern Baptist in a small town, many Sundays were spent listening to my mother playing the piano in church. It was heartwarming. Growing up as a musician in the 70s and 80s, I was greatly influenced by the hard rock music of the time. My Christian upbringing, gospel music , my faith and my love of hard rock are all things that I lean on in the most difficult times. These things have been an inspiration to me and when I am inspired, I write. Writing and registration can be both a c atharsis and an obsession. Each song has been painstakingly crafted over the past two years. ‘Holy Cow’ represents 52 years of faith, musicality and two years of bs in total!!

“Although I’m a Christian, my father said it best, ‘You have to live in this world.’ This ethos has impressed me greatly and is reflected in my songwriting, from walking that fine line to battling the demons we all face. I’ve always been one to shut up, so to speak, but ‘Holy Cow’ allows me to speak both artistically and spiritually, from my soul. And now, I pray for a stronger voice.

“The title track ‘Holy Cow’ was recorded in my home studio in Southwest Virginia. I built it after graduating from MTSU’s Recording Industry Program in 1997. I was looking for a raw, stripped down sound that is the band’s trademark. I also like that slight element of funk in her. I laid down the guitar riff first and the lyrics came over the next two weeks. After all , I decided to try something new. Instead of mixing the songs myself or sending them to one of my friends in Nashville, I got on Fiverr and found a guy. extensive research I landed on Oliver Wagner… in Taiwan of all places. I threw the stuff on DropBox and Oliver worked his magic. I was impressed.”

“I brought Rambo (Darrell Gibson, bassist) and Hog (Jerry Hogeston, drummer) into the video. Jerry was one of the original drummers in the band and Darrell has been with the band since 2017.”

“For the video, I decided to go back to Fiverr (I love Fiverr) and see what some of these guys could come up with. I was telling everyone what I wanted and getting video after video and then I I was combining. Afterwards, I brought the guys in and we did our games. As for the main character (White Boy) well… I had always toyed with the idea. It seemed like the right time. I admit, growing up in the shadow of Kiss and Alice Cooper, it was kind of fun doing the greasy paint thing. Finally, I went for Cody Reid. This guy is a great filmmaker and editor. Cody and I are friends when Bluesdog, a harmonica player from the Canadian band Zed Head (which we both played in), introduced us. Bluesdog and Cody had worked together on the set of the TV show “Nashville”. He and I had lost the contact, so it was great that we were able to reconnect on this project Cody was able to take what I had done and refine it even more. After some debate, this is the version we have chosen.

“Forty years of construction up to this point. Locked and loaded. We arrive!”

To learn more about the band’s music, you can visit their website.

YouTube link to “Holy Cow”: https://youtu.be/0LlsZi-ZS_s

Release date: 03/02/22

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