Why is the Honey Deuce at the US Open so expensive?


Inflation has affected virtually every aspect of the US consumer chain, even professional sporting events.

Twitter via @_ZachGriff

Twitter via @_ZachGriff

This year’s US Open Tennis Championships isn’t safe (you can partly thank Serena Williams’ retirement announcement for that), but ticket prices aren’t the only thing going up. skyrocketing, especially when it comes to a proven dealership.

The famous tournament drink is dubbed the Honey Deuce – a Gray Goose vodka-based drink made with raspberry liqueur and lemonade and topped with honeydew melons adorably shaped to look like tennis balls.

What’s not so sweet, however, is the price of $22- for a cocktail.

Sure, you can keep the signature cut, but for many tennis fans and tournament goers, the cost is anything but an ace.

The drink, which debuted in 2007, was initially priced at $18 and dropped to $20 in 2019 when around 250,000 were sold. Over a million Honey Deuces have been sold in the past 15 years.

Bloomberg reported that concessions in general increased by around 10%, with local hotels charging more than $519 per night during the first round of the tournament, others even reaching $700 per night during the holiday weekend and in the final rounds of the tournament.

Ticket prices for the tournament have also skyrocketed, with the cheapest tickets for the women’s final starting at $180 and tickets for the men’s and women’s doubles final starting at $350 apiece. Stubhub.

The US Open is scheduled to run until September 12.


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