Why it pays to always take someone young with you


00:00 april 16, 2022

As a man in his 60s, I like to think that I keep up with technology and am relatively fit, arthritis aside of course. Recent events have proven that neither is true. You may have heard that there was recently a country music festival at London’s o2, C2C, a three-day festival that fans of the genre can get their fill of. As the country music guy at Torbay Hospital Radio, I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to see what’s hot on the country scene right now.

In all honesty I got to see everything I wanted and more despite the wrong tickets they weren’t 3 day passes after all I found out on the second morning when the tickets went disappeared from the app on my phone. I knew what to do, ask the two young adults in our group, my daughter and my boyfriend, who after expertly examining my phone suggested we go to the box office and see real people, they don’t didn’t seem worried. Why didn’t I think of that?

After a difficult half hour, I received two sets of four tickets for day two and three. Other large groups were seen on day two and we slept easy knowing we had real paper tickets for day three. What could go wrong? A lot it seems, as two of the four tickets for the third day had been cancelled, leaving us with two seats free.

Now I don’t know if you know the O2, it has a big footprint, apparently you could fit 13 Albert Halls in it. Also, from Storm Eunice, the entrance we used involved a walk around the full circumference of the tent to enter. The situation with the tickets left only one option to go back to the box office and buy two more tickets, since the supporting acts were already on it, it was somewhat urgent. This is of course where the youngsters come in, being a bit faster than me with my dodgy knees they were able to sprint out of the building like world class sprinters, weaving through a constant stream of other country music fans heading for the entrance from which they had just been turned away. The good news, they got tickets, which were in a much better position than the originals, and enjoyed the show immensely.

Now another reason to take the youngsters with you is to order in restaurants, this can now be done using an app and a QR code, it’s one of those squares with a black and white pattern. Now I’m sure it’s easy, but young people seem to be able to navigate much faster than us older people, which is good when you’re in a busy restaurant where the staff only come to the table to deliver your food and drink to you. It’s progress, I guess.

My last thought comes from the other day when a teenager was listening to my show and asked his mom which band was playing. “The Beatles,” she told him, then he wanted to know who was in the band. His mother told him, to which he replied that he didn’t know Paul McCartney had a band before Wings! It made me feel old. If you haven’t heard of either band, look them up, they’re both good.

I’m back in the studio on Monday afternoon and I’ll be digging into some country music and telling other stories if you feel like listening. Good news, work on our second studio will soon begin, which will allow us to deliver even more content. Just a problem, they currently stock all of our gear, so if anyone has a store we can use, please let us know. See you soon.


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